Tahir Yaqoob - Sketch of Teaching Experience

• Grade-school math (all years/grade-levels) and science, individual mentoring (US and UK). Training for standardized aptitude tests for math and science. Over 25 years experience.

• University of Oxford physics entrance exam training.

• University physics laboratory classes.

• University physics problem-solving classes.

• Lecture courses for nonspecilists and general audiences (astronomy).

• Astronomy 101.

• Astronomy 191, undergraduate/postgraduate level.

Eight Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe lecture series (versions for general audience and undergraduates).

• University lecture courses (graduate and postgraduate levels).

• Tutoring and mentoring for University physics and astrophysics qualifying exams.

• Mathematical methods for physics, undergraduate level and postgraduate level.

The Universe at High Energies, postgraduate course.

• Over 15 years experience in training and mentoring Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers.